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Welcome to MS Learning Circle - Tuition at Wanstead

"Learning to learn is life's most important skill"
- Tony Buzan

Right Learning

Our approach to Learning

Learning should be a holistic experience. We believe that this happens in the right environment, when students use thinking skills with ease. We aim to facilitate the learning process in a relaxed and friendly environment where lessons are purposeful but also enjoyable.

In our small group learning environment, students are encouraged to question and ask “why?” in order to gain a better understanding of the, admittedly, difficult concepts they are encountering.

We believe developing effective learning skills and a robust knowledge base in Year 7 and 8 and accelerating these processes in Year 9 and 10 is the right way to achieve good grades in GCSE.

Early years of Secondary School are the best time to impart good study habits and skills to achieve students’ full potential in school.

With our many years of experience as teachers and examiners for UK exam boards, we have a detailed understanding of the current curriculum, for instance, the shift in emphasis from fact-based learning towards the application of understanding and problem-solving skills.

Consequently, we tailor our lessons to practice and develop these exact skills.

Don’t wait till Year 10 and 11 to sign up for tuition. Learning problem-solving skills at an early age makes things much easier further down the line and really prepares students for advanced study of professional courses such as medicine, engineering and law.