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About Us

We are professionals with educational backgrounds in Biological, Physical and Social Sciences; this has allowed us to develop effective methods of teaching and learning. MS Learning Circle was started to share these tried and tested techniques along with our extensive experience with students; as can be seen in our results.

We gain great satisfaction from seeing our students’ progress lesson by lesson and, particularly, when they achieve success in external exams and go on to study at university. Our alumni are very important to us as they show what can be achieved with perseverance, determination and the correct approach to learning.

We believe acquiring knowledge happens best when have the right attitude, using good study habits and, importantly, with the sustained effort.

Our tutors are committed to helping students achieve their full potential. They are very supportive and friendly and use a variety of methods to meet students’ individual requirements.


Studying Chemistry and Maths over the last two years has been made easier and enjoyable through the help of my tutors David and Hamid. They understand how young minds think and tailor there lessons so they are interesting but also productive.


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