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Biomedical Sciences, St’ George’s University

When I started at MS Learning Circle, I was struggling to pass my mock exams. Despite this, the tutors had strong belief in me and were determined that I could accomplish what I wanted. This confidence is also what pushed me to embark on my medical school journey.

All tutors have an expertise in their respective subjects and this ensures that the students have a comprehensive understanding of every topic. Having studied Biology, Chemistry & Maths here, I was able to construct a strong foundation upon which my Biomedical Science degree is built on.

Each tutor has a unique method of revision which best suits their subject area. This helped me to find a revision method which I have continued using in university as it has served me well. The work ethic displayed by Swarna, David and Shri encourages students to work efficiently & be productive. Every lesson I've had at the centre has been enjoyable. The tutors have the ability to make even the dullest topics easy to learn. There is a heavy emphasis on exam technique which is the key to passing exams with finesse. You become equipped with tips and tricks on how to answer questions in an exam.

The tutors are extremely friendly and love to assist wherever possible. They have given me excellent advice regarding university applications. I continue to see them as long-term mentors.

I am currently studying Biomedical Sciences at St. George's University of London. The lessons at the centre have helped me develop core skills which I regularly use in my studies. They have helped me adapt to the university work-load very quickly and enabled me to thrive in my course.


Studying Chemistry and Maths over the last two years has been made easier and enjoyable through the help of my tutors David and Hamid. They understand how young minds think and tailor there lessons so they are interesting but also productive.


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