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Our method aims to address the following questions:
  • How to understand ‘Content’ in textbooks?
  • How to convert information to knowledge?
  • How to improve recall?
  • How to make students develop appropriate thinking tools?
  • How to make students perform well in class and school examinations?
Our Method

Our method is interactive and helps students build frameworks for understanding concepts and enable them to acquire knowledge. In our teaching sessions we primarily create a positive gradient for gaining knowledge, promoting thorough understanding and problem-solving. We believe that the tuition experience should facilitate interactive learning; where students can freely express their ideas and discuss concepts in a positive, non-judgemental environment.

Learning happens within a framework that each person constructs for themselves. We help students understand their current thinking frameworks and improve their thinking skills, analytical skills and the ability to deal with complexity. We understand that these need to be developed over time, they need to be scaffolded and there should be a logical progression from one level to the next. This process forms the core of our teaching and learning programs.

We also promote study skills which develop independent learning; we help students improve note-making, recall and revision skills using a wide range of methods because we appreciate that learning is not a “one size fits all” product.


Studying Chemistry and Maths over the last two years has been made easier and enjoyable through the help of my tutors David and Hamid. They understand how young minds think and tailor there lessons so they are interesting but also productive.


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