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GCSE Science : Exam technique training courses

GCSE Science : Exam technique training courses

  • Conducted in Half term and Term Breaks in October, February, Christmas, Easter
  • For Year 10 and 11 students
  • Exam Boards – AQA, Edexcel, IGCSE, OCR
  • Six day course – 12 hours with each session being 2 hours long
  • 4 hours each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Group size – 4 to 5 students
  • Fees - £180 for the entire course

In the course we aim to:

  • Help students understand exam technique using past paper questions
  • Practice questions in lessons and discuss marks schemes
  • Provide an audio recording of the lesson for future reference

Published Date : 11 months ago

Studying Chemistry and Maths over the last two years has been made easier and enjoyable through the help of my tutors David and Hamid. They understand how young minds think and tailor there lessons so they are interesting but also productive.


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