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What, Where, When , How and Why

What, Where, When , How and Why

Learning to Learn is an important skill in life. Learning is incorporated into memory either as long term or short term memory.  The break up of what we learn is in the categories of processing the yield into an answer to WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY.

The first 3 components go into the short term memory which is equivalent to Random access memory of the computers. It is finite and depends on the RAM capacity of the computers, in the Genetic capacity and training in the Memory isometrics. All our information, generally, is related to the first 3 components and is prone to decay at variable rates.

The real key of keeping everything into your rational, meaningful, readily available entity for servicing is long term memory. It can happen only when you go into the HOW, and Why components of what you learn.

Such memory is hard wearing and decay-resistant. Even dementia patients retain long term memory. If a sense of wonderment is attendant with that learning you are a clear winner and Sky can only be the limit.

The cardinal component is how one processes the information?.

Published Date : 1 year ago

Studying Chemistry and Maths over the last two years has been made easier and enjoyable through the help of my tutors David and Hamid. They understand how young minds think and tailor there lessons so they are interesting but also productive.


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